Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Efficiency vs Conservation

Energy efficiency and energy conservation are often used interchangeably but there are still differences between them. Today we're going to help you understand those differences!

At the most basic understanding, energy conservation is more of a behavior change of using less energy, such as turning off the lights or lowering your thermostat.
Energy efficiency means using energy more effectively, it's more of a technical change.

An example of this...to conserve energy you could turn down the thermostat several degrees. You might be a bit colder though. To be more energy efficient you can install a more energy efficient heater and get better insulation. You'll be able to use the same amount of energy and still be able to turn your heater up more. If you plan on buying more energy efficient products, always look for the energy star!

It's important to have a mix of energy efficiency and energy conservation. If you want to learn more about our energy efficient products and work you can check out the rest of our blog or our facebook page by following this link! Click here!

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