Saturday, September 6, 2014

Please, do not be offended if we ask for your business...

A Note From the President:

Just so everyone knows: WE ARE IN THE BUSINESS OF COMPLETING PROJECTS. If we ask for your business, it's because we want the satisfaction of completing your home improvement project and providing the best experience possible. Please do not be offended by our team members asking for the opportunity to do work for you. We are running marketing programs throughout the cities to build a base of customers. Some of these campaigns are time sensitive and require our ability to line projects up simultaneously in the area of focus... right know we are focused on developing the Rochester market. These discounts will NOT be offered as a quote, estimate, bid, or retail price. These prices will be available to those who are able and willing to participate in the program by helping us in return. If the marketing program doesn't work out or you aren't interested in participating, we still hope to win your business with our competitive retail prices. There are other campaigns through events such as home shows, county fairs, and home parties and provide some discounts or give-aways as well. These discounts usually have a time frame as well to help us generate enough revenue to cover the cost of the show, keep our installers busy, and maintain business during some of the slower times of the year.

We are grateful to all we have been able to meet with and hope we've left a good impression with you. I wanted to write this post to maintain some level of transparency.  We'd like to make everyone a customer for life! Please feel free to contact me at the number listed below if you have any concerns or feedback. We are striving for excellence and understand the only way to stay in business is to provide our customers with quality products and services.

Warm Regards,

Hailey Neumann
Envinsulate, LLC

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