Saturday, August 2, 2014

BPI & Energy Audits

Envinsulate, LLC has been trained, tested, and certified by the Building Performance Institute or BPI. BPI is a national organization that manages and maintains the industry standards for Energy Auditors and Home Performance Contractors. BPI has certified Envinsulate in two main areas: Energy Audits & Air Barrier Installer. The training for these certifications takes a few weeks and hours of rigorous knowledge and field testing. After passing the paper or knowledge test, each candidate has to pass a 5 hour field test for Energy Auditors and an 8 hour field test for the Air Barrier Installer certification. These certifications offer the knowledge and understanding of true home performance when we take on any home improvement project. Whether it's windows, siding, roofing or insulation--we always focus on improving the home as a whole system. As part of maintaining our standing with BPI and our certifications, Envinsulate is required to participate in continuing education each year. We get to travel to energy and construction conferences across the nation to learn from industry experts. Look for posts to come sharing our experiences with these conferences and what we were able to learn! In the mean time, contact us if you feel your home is due for an energy audit and we'll provide improvement recommendations.

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